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Looking to produce your own music?

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BeatsBlueprint is a step by step, beginner-level, video series that teaches students how to produce music with only a computer and headphones. By the end of the course, students will have the knowledge to create his or her first track from start to finish.


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Make Music On Your Computer.

In today's digital era, the computer is now an instrument. Whether it is used as a medium to create music or a supplemental tool to produce music, there is no doubt the computer is an essential tool for any aspiring musician or hobbyist.

This is where BeatsBlueprint comes in. BeatsBlueprint is a step by step beginner level video series course on music production. There is no pre-requisite knowledge required. The goal is to not only teach students how to tap into the potential of a computer, but also, to help facilitate the creative process for students to craft his or her own sound. Using the digital audio software, Ableton, as a medium, students will learn the technical concepts of  music theory and how to apply their knowledge to create music across a span of genres. What sets Beatsblueprint apart is our project based approach. By the end of the course, the student will be able to create his or her own track from start to finish.

In order to complete the course, you must have access to Ableton. Ableton is a powerful software music sequencer and digital audio workstation. It offers a generous demo that allows you to access and utilize it's full range of tools completely FREE. After 30 days, however, the trial ends. However, this does not mean you stop making music. BeatsBlueprint specifically designed this course to work across a variety of platforms. Music theory is music theory. Production is production. Regardless of what you choose to use, your knowledge can be adapted to any music software.

What You Will Accomplish

Audio Design

Variety is the spice of life. From pop to house, dubstep to hip pop, learn fundamental concepts to create music from an array of genres.

Music Theory

Take the guesswork out of producing. Learn basic structures of scales, chords, and rhythms to craft smooth melodies.

Project Based Approach

From the intro, beat drop to the chorus, learn how to craft an entire song alongside the instructor from start to finish.

Mixing and Mastering

Learn how to take a composition to a crisp radio ready jam. From EQ techniques to special effects, learn how to craft quality professional tracks.

Certificate of Completion

Instantly boost your resume with our certificate of completion. All you have to do is get a passing score of 75 on our final exam!

Creative Inspiration

From piano keys, guitar riffs, to music samples, learn how you can integrate melodies to help facilitate the creative process and sculpt your unique sound.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction to Ableton Live

 1.1 Intro to Ableton Live

 1.2 Versions of Ableton Live

 1.3 Session View

 1.4 Arrangement View

 1.5 Piano Roll

 1.6 Clip View

 1.7 Global controls

Section 2: Basic Production Concepts

2.1 Audio Basics

2.2 MIDI Basics

2.3 Basic track Set up (Audio /MIDI)

2.4 Loops

2.5 Software Instruments

2.6 Recording Drums + MIDI Clip

2.7 Using the Keyboard

Section 3: Mixing & Mastering

3.1 Equalizers

3.2 Filters

3.3 Reverb


Section 4: Sound Design

 4.1 Instrument Stacking

 4.2 Punchy Kick

 4.3 Trap Hi Hat

 4.4 Pump Effect

 4.5 Dubstep (Wobble) Bass 

4.6 Lead Pluck Synth

4.7 Filter Sweep


Section 5: Music Theory 

5.1 Major & Minor Scales

5.2  Intervals

5.3  Chord Types

5.4  Chord Progression

5.5  Chord Inversions

Section 6: Putting it All Together   

6.1  Intro

6.2 Beat Drop

6.3 Verse #1

6.4 Chorus

6.5 Verse #2 & Chorus

6.6 Final Wrap Up


Glossary - (Terms/Shortcuts)





Key Terms

Gain/Level/Signal - Volume

Bar/measure - Collection of beats in a given time (generally 4 beats per measure)

BPM - Beats Per Minute

Click Track - Metronome (for keeping time)

Quantize - Process of snapping notes and beats to a specified rhythm or grid

Interval- The distance between 2 notes

Octave - An interval - Doubling or halfing a frequency

Chord - Any 3 notes played together (usually in intervals of “3rds”)

Scale - The notes representing a given “key”

Frequency - Determines the pitch of a note, measured in cycles

Hertz (hz) - Cycles per second, used to describe frequency

... and more!

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    - Glossary   Key Terms Gain/Level/Signal […]

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Topics Covered

 Topics covered include, but are NOT limited to...


Sound Design

Learn how to produce music from an array of genres and put your twist on traditional sounds. This course will have everything to satisfy your musical palate.


Music Mastering

Learn how balancing EQ, reverb, and compression can enhance and transform your rough compositions into a professional quality track.


Technical Theory

From music theory to production techniques, build a strong foundation of technical know how to help facilitate the production and creative process.

Personal Brandin

Personal Branding

Melodic harmonies or wobbly bass? Euphoric synths or dance floor hip pop? Combine all of the elements of the course and create your signature sound.

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Customer Testimonials

Harold Jacobs

Harold Jacobs

Title says it all. I took the course and was able to make my first song! Granted I'm not making the next Calvin Harris song but I'm excited about the possibilities!

Jimmy Gunwer

Jimmy Gunwer

I've watched a ton of youtube tutorials and have been spinning my wheels for months! I spent two weeks with this course and everything makes so much sense now. The style and pacing make it really easy to learn and you learn a lot of great tips to simplify the process of producing music.

Brad Kinger

Brad Kinger

General enough to adapt, detailed enough to learn. Even though the course is taught through Ableton, I was able to adapt what I learned to FL Studios. Even with the general knowledge, it still teaches you complex musical theory in a basic bit size way. 5 stars!


Thank you for your interest. Registration in this course will give you lifetime access - take the course as many times as you want, whenever you want. To guarantee your satisfaction, we are offering 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

About the author

Ian Anthony BeatsBlue

My name is Ian Gonzales and I am the course instructor for BeatsBlueprint.  I have a B.A. in Music and am currently as an Audio Engineer. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to record with artists such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Colbie Caillat, Estelle, and many more. 

From an early age, the interest and passion for music was evident.  I picked up multiple instruments, but excelled at the drums and piano.  I began playing drums in church at age nine with the big boys and never stopped.  Now, I continue to play various gigs and recordings.  At 15, my dad bought me sequencing software and I fell in love with producing and writing music.  From Hip Hop to Jazz, I was broadening my creativity and making music of all genres.  I was totally intrigued by the versatility of these programs.  Using them throughout the years, I began to grow and grasp important concepts and quickly began to harness the power of the computer. Throughout the process, I always had a willingness to learn something new.  I've found there is almost always multiple ways to do the same thing and they all can get the job done! This is why I created BeatsBlueprint. I truly believe with a little guidance and hard work, musical creativity has no limits. Hopefully, through my experience, I can give you the basic tools you need to start creating for yourself.  There is nothing quite as rewarding as creating something from scratch and being able to put your name on it!